Instructions: When Life Gives You Lehman… Writing Assignment

College students face more serious consequences than they may expect when they are caught committing plagiarism. Although you’ve probably written many papers, you may never have thought about your behaviors as a student and how they can determine the outcome of an assignment. This web comic can help you be more mindful of your approach to writing a paper, and hopefully prevent you from making some critical mistakes along the way.


  1. Read the comic, When Life Gives You Lehman… (Click the link at the bottom of each image to move to the next page. The comic is 7 pages long.)
  2. Access the writing assignment via Google forms.
  3. Answer all questions in the space provided. Answers should be at least three sentences each and should indicate that you have thought about how the events in the comic relate to your own life and behavior as a student.
  4. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to submit your completed assignment.

Successful responses to essay questions will display the following qualities:

  • Student demonstrates that he/she has read the comic carefully and in its entirety by referring to specific characters, events, dialog, images, etc. in his/her responses;
  • Student reflects on his/her own research process by citing specific examples from past research projects or experiences;
  • Student uses what they learn from the comic to consider how they would like to grow as a student and a researcher, being as specific as possible (“I would like to get better at doing research” is not a specific response; “I would like to develop strategies for evaluating the reliability of a website” is a specific response);
  • Student uses complete sentences, correct grammar, and appropriate syntax in responding to each question.

Late assignments will be accepted only at the discretion of your professor. Please refer to your syllabus for late policies.

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